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The "YOUR DESIGN OR MINE" concept was created because of the amount of folks asking me to build something they've never seen or because they couldn't find what they had in mind.  I started building because someone asked me to build them a display for a retiring first sergeant.  It was a very complex little half octagon box with drawers and turned out great!  From there it was a MSgt stripe shadow box and then miniature aircraft chocks.  The next thing I knew folks were telling me that I should open my own business.  So I did!  All American Woodworking is dedicated to giving you exactly what your looking for.  I have a keen attention to detail and do everything I can to give you a quality product that you'll love and love to show off.  The items below are just some of the different designs and projects I've built since 2005.  I look forward to building new and exciting things and encourage anyone to challenge me to build something they can't find!  Choose from one of the many designs you see below or come up with your own design, contact me to build it, you'll be happy that you did!

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